ADD/ADHD Coaching

Moving Beyond the Challenges

ADD/ADHD CoachingWith her ability to help people find simple and realistic ways to meet time-management challenges, Linda attracts clients with ADD and ADHD diagnoses plus those who struggle with similar challenges. Linda's ADD/ADHD training and certification is useful for all of her clients because, as she says, "Everyone has a little ADD or ADHD in some area of his/her life."

Linda helps ADD/ADHD clients learn to work with their ADD/ADHD characteristics - not against them. When plans go awry, she helps clients determine what was wrong with the plan, not what was wrong with the person. Too often, Linda finds people with ADD/ADHD spending time and energy beating themselves up or feeling ashamed.

Linda helps her clients understand themselves and their ADD/ADHD better, and then together they create realistic plans and structures. Linda shows clients how to find their gifts and learn from their challenges. She helps clients work with who they are and not who someone told them they should be.

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Life Coaching

Try a Boot Camp

People struggling with the challenges of ADD/ADHD can find the intensity and comradery of a Joy of GTD Boot Camp to be especially helpful.


"I struggled for years with writing a book but my ADD/ADHD prevented it from moving forward. Linda’s coaching helped me fit productive blocks of time into my day and I accomplished more in the first three weeks working with her than I had in the prior seven years. She helped me realize that ADD/ADHD is not a game-ender. Linda’s guidance saved my book and it’s been a joy to finally get things done!"
~ Earnest Marino, DMD (retired), Amherst, NH