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"Support and structure made the difference for me. I feel like I've turned a corner."
Joy of Getting Things Done Client

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The Joy of Getting It Done Program

Need a plan? The Joy of Getting It Done is an interactive, step-by-step course that can lead you from clarifying your goals to creating a realistic and comprehensive plan for actually attaining your objectives.

Start by clarifying your goals. Linda starts out by helping you look at the changes you want to make in three categories:

  • Incorporating new routines into your life
  • Creating a new approach to tasks you avoid.
  • Tackling overwhelming projects

Take a peek at the first pages of Laying Out Your Goals.

Next, learn the 10 simple and realistic tools to get your life under control. Real-life examples help you see how others have applied the tool. In-depth exercises at the end of each tool will help you identify how that tool can be applied to achieving the goals you laid out at the beginning of the program. Here’s the chapter Tool #1 – Use a Whole Number

Finally, pull together all that you have learned and create a comprehensive, and realistic plan for achieving every one of your goals. Check out a sample of the chapter Creating the Plan.

In addition a full set of questionnaires in the Appendix gives you an overall view of how you are managing your logistics, both personal and professional. Check them out and download them to help you set goals and then measure your progress as you work through the book.

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"The Joy of Getting It Done is one of my most valuable resources. I’ve struggled all my life to keep things in order. It gave me the courage and tools to face the mess and start clearing it up. The Starting Small strategy got me unstuck and helped me take baby steps in the right direction. That has made all the difference. It feels so good to finally start accomplishing things"
~ Ellen Hill, Retired RN